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Friday, June 6, 2008

13 1/2 Weeks

We have joined the blogging world now since we are expecting our little one on December 7th!
Here are some ultrasound photos that were taken on the 5th.
This is the little heart and the heartbeat.
These are the little legs of our peanut. Here is the whole body with the spine showing.
Peanut is waving at us!
Here is another one of the legs.
Our little peanuts face and arm.
The ultrasound was amazing. Kyla went with me and we got to see Peanut moving around and chatting to us. Peanut was already very stubborn for the ultrasound tech so we have work cut out for us! We find out what we are having next month and can't wait. Baby is growing like crazy and measures about 3 inches right now. We will keep you updated on our exciting journey. Todd and I can't wait to be parents.