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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kason's First Video

His little profile.

Kason's sweet face.

Kason's Heartbeat 145 bpm

Video sent by Krystal

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Nursery is almost ready....

Here are some pictures of our Nursery. It only took Todd four days to get it Baby ready. Too bad we don't have a baby yet!! He installed the wains coat & got rid of the dark red walls!!! The room actually brightened up!!! I love the room & can't wait for Kason to enjoy it as well...

Our little Kason!!

Our Adorable little boy!!!

I guess its pretty obvious. I knew it was a boy immediately

after the ultrasound technician said I see it!!!

Kason's little foot!!

Here's our little monkey's face...looks like he's waving at us!!

The ultrasound was amazing!!! Our little boy was active for most of the ultrasound which ended up making him tired, so he took a nap. This was Todd's first ultrasound experience. We both had such a wonderful time watching our little boy. I will be adding the live video clip from the ultrasound as soon as I can get together with Kyla for some help!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Were having a Boy!!

We had my 20 week appointment today. The appointment went great! Kason is one healthy boy and still a finger sucker. Kason was practically engulfing his entire hand during the ultrasound. I have a feeling were having a stubborn baby because he was not very cooperative for this ultrasound either. I will have some ultrasound pictures & a live video of the ultrasound up soon. Todd & I can't wait to welcome our little boy to our wonderful family!