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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Were Crawling!!

Kason crawled for the very first time today! He has been
rocking back and forth on his hands and knees for quite
some time & now he means business! We actually just
got back from Montana today. Were staying at Mom &
Dad's tonight in Weiser and well I guess Kason was
ready to show Gma & Gpa just how big he is. He will
be 7 mos on the 3rd & is just getting to be a big boy!
He will get up on his hands and knees and try to stand.
We went to visit cousin Remington Luke tonight & he
is just so darn adorable...we love him soo soo much!!
Now we are waiting for Kyla & Benji's little boy to
make his grand appearance. We are going to have
quite a few Sorenson boys & girl running around
before too long. Well were headed for bed. I will
get some pictures uploaded from our trip as soon
as we get settled in at home.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Road Trip

Kason & I are headed to Washington. We leave tonight
to drive as far as Vale, OR. Then in the morning we
leave @ 4 a.m.! I am traveling with my cousin's
Amanda & her daughter Mikayla, & Lara. We are
headed to our other cousin Rachelle's wedding which is
on Sunday. We will be headed back home Monday so its
a quick trip there and back. I will take lots of pictures
while we are gone. Kason is sooo close to crawling
its not even funny...well he goes backwards he's just
still working on the frontward motion. He reached
milestones yesterday with all sorts of new things
he does. I will keep ya all updated!

Monday, June 15, 2009

6 Month Pictures by Kyla

Kason's 6 month pictures turned out amazing...
Just like I knew they would...Kason was such
a good boy that day...full of smiles and silly
faces...He just adores his Auntie Kyla so it
makes it that much easier to do his pictures...
You can see a whole bunch more pictures
if you click here! Thank you Auntie Kyla
for capturing moments that are
just so precious and irreplaceable!!

Kason's mischievous look!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures from Auntie Shanna...

Here are a few pictures of Kason from Auntie
Shanna's camera. They are from a few
weeks back...probably closer to 3 wks.
He is just such an adorable little boy..
I know I am biased...but he really is..
Auntie Kyla took his 6 mos pictures
today & I can't wait to share them
with everyone...I am sure she outdid
herself once again, since she is the
best photographer in the whole
world....and yes I am biased because
she is family...but she really is....
Kyla we really appreciate you &
everything you do!!
Lil me...poor kid got my skin tone....
I love this pic....my lil monkey!

Big smiles....as always...

Silly face.....blowing raspberries...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Araceli & Kason

One of my very good friends dating all the way back
to Elementary School came over to see Kason
last Thursday. We loved visiting with her!
Araceli is a High School teacher & a VERY
good one at that! We don't see much of
her during the school year but as soon
as Summer hits she has lots of free time.
I think I want to be a School Nurse...
that is if they get summers off paid! I
am going to look into that!

We love Araceli....

A Tooth & the Zoo....

We took Kason to the Zoo today for the first time.
He really enjoyed the Pingeons! Daddy bought
him a toy pingeon @ zootique & its a big hit!!
Kason also has a tooth now on the bottom left
side. He has been teething since he was about
3 months old so its about time it came thru.
We think it came in last Tuesday June 2nd.
Well thats all for now....have a great week!

Momma's Boy

Love my Boy....

Daddy's #1 Fan.....

Smile for the camera boy's!!

Sleepy bboy.....

Loved the Giraffe's

He attacked the glass window!

Didn't keep them on for long!

Love my boy's!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 6 Months Kason!!

Kason today you are 6 months old. You are the
most wonderful addition to our family!
I love you sooo sooo much! You have grown
and changed in so many ways since you
were born on 12/03/2008. You have gone
from 6 lbs 6 oz. to 15 lbs 7 oz. & 20 inches
to 26.75 inches...You have gone from not
being to mobile to getting up on your hands
and knees...you are so close to crawling...
but Mommy & Daddy could handle you
taking another month or so to crawl....
because we have some serious work to
do around the house to prepare for mobile
Kason....Honey we love you...& everyday
we get to spend with you is the most
precious gift we could ever have....You
are the happiest little boy too...every
morning when you wake up you are all
smiles...and giggles...and coo's...& I can't
help but smother you with tons and tons
of mommy kisses...even daddy will jump in
and give you lots and lots of daddy kisses...
I can't imagine going one day with out you..
I know some people reading this are thinking
just wait till you get a vacation away from the
kids..but your wrong...I don't ever want to
be with out my kids...well kid for now...I
say this because: I would worry to much
to have any fun anyhow...and so would Dad
because he is the BIGGEST worry wart I
have ever met...but that is only because
he loves you soooo sooo much too!

Monday, June 1, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

Kason had his 6 month check-up today. He
weighed 15 lb. 7 oz. which is 19.17%tile
& he is 26.75 in. long which is 64.65%tile.
So we pretty much have a long & lean
little boy. Which we already knew.
Doctor says he is a healthy little boy!
He just doesn't have any chub what
so ever....Todd was the same as a baby..
long & lean & full of E-N-E-R-G-Y!!!
Well that wraps it up for tonight...