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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My new Craigslist buy!

I am sooo ready for a nice tan!!
It has a timer built in too!
So I wont get burned to a
crisp if I fall asleep!


Well I found out at work today that I will be transferring
to another branch. Our branch is overstaffed & the
branch I am moving to is understaffed...It is not a
permanent transfer-as soon as something opens up
closer to home I will have a chance to transfer. It is
an exciting change...but with all changes there is
nervousness...I am very comfortable at the branch I
work at now...I have been there for over 3 years...in
November I will reach my 5 year mark with Chase!
Hard to believe it has almost been 5 years already! The
change is effective 04/01 so not much notice! I am a
part time employee so I will only be working 3 days
a week...my new manager told me I would only
be working a Saturday every 3 weeks so that is nice!
I am used to working 2 a month right now! The only
downfall I can think of is that it is about 5 miles past my
current location...hopefully something will open up in
Nampa or Caldwell before the end of the year! I also
realized that Kason actually has 4 teeth coming in right
now...it is sooo hard to tell how many are coming in
until they break through...no wonder he has been sooo
cranky lately...I bought a tanning bed this past
weekend! I am so excited to have one of my own! I
can't wait to show off my soon tan! I am still working
on weening Kason & getting him to sleep through the
night in his OWN bed! Wish me luck...anyone have
any advice?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kason 15 Months Cont.

Kason had his 15 Month check up yesterday. We had
to postpone it due to him getting RSV towards the
end of February. So he was actually 15 Months 2
weeks at his appointment. When his doctor asked
if he was saying more than four words he must
have understood her because he started showing
off and talking to her...it was really cute...He is very
fond of his pediatrician...He gave her hugs and kisses
when his appointment was done...It was very cute!!
Our little boy is absolutely perfect when it comes to
his %tiles....He measured in @ 33 1/4 " which is
95.78%tile for length & he was 23.6 lbs which is
36.96 %tile for weight. We already knew he have
a tall lanky lil boy...Doctor says he is growing just
fine...She also checked the knots on his neck and
says they are still okay...some kids get them others
don't...I have to admit I wish he didn't have them
because they make me nervous....Some new things:
Kason says; Love You, One, Two , Three, Basket
Ball, All Gone, All Done...He has been signing
Please, More, All Done, Hat, Eat, & is also saying
all those words too!! He can pretty much say
anything he hears...Our lil boy is really no longer
a lil boy...he is growing up so quick...Here are
some pictures Auntie Kyla took on 03/10/2010.
They turned out amazing as always!! We are
so lucky to have such a talented photographer
in the family!! Kason just adores his Auntie!!
Kason has 3 teeth coming in right now!! I
thought he had 2 coming in but I was wrong!!
Well were headed to bed....so Good Night to all!!

Lil Poser...
Love his Smile!!!

Love, Love, Love this one!!!

That smile melts me!

And this one too!!

Pointing at his nose.... :)

My favorite!!!

I love all of them...really they are just perfect!!

You wouldn't know it but it was really cold

the day Kyla took the pictures...Kason didn't

last very long & got pretty grumpy towards the

end....Wow is all I have to say in regards to how

many wonderful pictures we got!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kason 15 Months....

Took this pic with my camera phone...
Not too bad...He warms my heart!!

15 Months Today!!

I can hardly believe our lil Monkey is 15 months old
today! Wow how time has just flown by! Kason is doing
much better & is fully recovered from the RSV. Daddy
got home tonight from working in Oregon & is done
with that job. Next job is in Council. Which is much
closer than Boardman, OR!! I noticed today that Kason
has 2 more teeth coming in on the top. They already
broke skin. So pretty soon he will have 9 teeth! We
went grocery shopping tonight & Kason said HI to
pretty much everyone we passed by. One person
said he looks too young to be talking so well!! He
does talk A LOT...probably gets it from me.. :)
Right now his favorite snack is Goldfish...He just
loves them!! He literally cried when I threw the
empty box away...of course we had another
to replace it he just didn't know that!! I will
update the blog again with his %tiles after
his 15 month appt. which I believe is on 3/17!
We had to postpone the appt. a few weeks
just to make sure the RSV wouldn't cause
any complications with the immunizations..