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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Kason's in the Tub!

Kason was just sooo cute tonight during his
bath that I couldn't resist taking a few
pictures & a video....Enjoy!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 Month pictures are up!!!

Kason's 9 month pictures are up on Kyla's
photography blog...Click here to see them!!!
Thank you Kyla we absolutely love the
pictures!! They are beyond amazing!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cascade Pictures...

Here are the pictures of the lovely Cabin
we stayed @ in Cascade this past wknd!
We had a lot of fun & Todd got a lot of
work done while we were there. Hopefully
we can go again before the warm weather

A view from the back
Fire Pit

Very cute

My handsome hubby workin hard!

A view from the front

Kason playin in the living room

He is such a Hoot!

He was so interested in the fake candle!!

Big Smile!!!

Love my Boy!!

My handsome boy & me!

He had a lot of fun....

Eating some Lunch!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Getaway...

We went to Cascade for the weekend &
stayed in a lovely cabin by the lake. We
had a wonderful time & wish it had not
gone by so quickly...Kason had lots of
fun playing with new toys and crawling
around an unknown place filled with
surprises & wonders. I made pancakes
while listening to Frank Sinatra on a
record player...I really wish we had a
record player @ home...Todd worked
while Kason & I spent some quality
time together...Todd is laying stone &
putting stucco on an exterior wall for
the couple that own the cabin..It is
really looking lovely too! My husband
is the best Mason around!! I will post
pictures tomorrow after I get a chance
to upload them...right now its bath time
for little guy..nite nite

As for these boots...I have been drooling over
them for about a week..I am trying to convince
my husband they are the perfect birthday gift
but that ruins the surprise...so someday I will
own a pair like these lovies above...you can
find them here!

Dadda & Spaghetti....

Sorry about the quality this video was

taken on Todd's cell phone...Our little

boy is getting so big too quick..He

officially has 7 teeth & is just adorable!

I have to brag that no matter where

we go, complete strangers ALWAYS

comment on how handsome Kason is.

Last night we went out to dinner

at the Golf course in Cascade & the

waitress couldn't get enough of

Kason...she thought he was the cutest

little boy she ever saw! Well so do we little


Thursday, September 10, 2009

9 Month Pictures coming soon!!

Auntie Kyla took Kason's 9 month pictures
today @ Kathryn Albertson Park & they
turned out AMAZING as always!! I can't
wait to share them with everyone!! Kason
was a smiley little boy!! He is pretty much
every day but he did great for pictures!!
Thank you Auntie Kyla for capturing
beautiful pictures of our little boy that
we will Cherish for the rest of our lives!!
You are the best photographer!! I am
not saying that because were related, I
mean it! If who ever is reading this needs
family, children or senior pictures
let me know & I will hook you up with
the BEST photographer around!! Or
Check out Kylas blog here!! You
will not be disappointed!!
I will post Kason's pictures as soon as
they are ready...you will also find them on
Kyla's blog probably before mine!! Nite

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Camping over Labor Day Weekend in Unity, OR.

We went camping over Labor Day Weekend
in Unity, OR with my cousin Amanda, Marc
(Amandas boyfriend), & Mikayla (Amandas
daughter). My Aunt Sandy, cousin Kelsey,
Garrett, & his girlfriend Kayla came up for
the day to hang out and ride 4-wheelers.
It was a lot of fun & surprisingly we didn't
have neighbors on either side of our
campsite...which made it really nice & quiet!
We camped Sunday night & came home
Monday...Can't wait for our next camping
trip!! This was Kason's very 1st camping
trip & he also had lots of fun!! He didn't
sleep well but he had fun!!

Todd & Kason

Aunt Sandy & Garrett

Our Truck

Our home away from home

Kason & Daddy

Daddy's Boy
Playin drums on Daddy's head...

He got pretty silly...

Aunt Sandy & Mikayla

Garrett & Kayla

Kason likes ridin on Daddy's head
Crab pots to catch Crawdad's
We didn't end up with any Crawdad's
but we lent the pots to some friends
that were headed to the Reservoir &
they caught over 50!
Todd fell in crossing the stream...

Kason is Daddy's Boy!

But is also a Momma's Boy 100%

Aunt Sandy workin on Kelsey's Blanket


Todd playin with Kason in the tent...

Mikayla played to hard!

Stayin warm in front of the fire...brrr it got cold!!

Stayin warm...

Kelsey was freezin...skinny butt has no meat!

I love this pic!!

My boy!!

My boys!!

Amanda, Marc, & Mikayla
Mikayla is a Mommy's girl 100%

Monday, September 7, 2009

Party Idea...

Possible Banner..have it say Kason

Any Ideas???

Okay so I have been thinking about Kason's
1st Birthday Party & what we are going to
do for him...I really want to go with an Owl
theme...But I need some ideas..I can't find
Owl Birthday Decorations anywhere!! And
I am not the craftiest person in the world
either...I have some ideas for the cake
and cupcakes...but not so many ideas for
decorating..other than fall colors..Here are
some pictures of the cake and cupcakes...
Please help!!! I only have 3 months left
and the big day is here!!!

Possible party favor...
I already ordered the onesie & leggings...
And found someone on Etsy to
Crochet Kason a hat!


Owl Cake 1
Looks easy...

Owl Cake 2
Looks hard but I like this one more...
I might need some help!!
I have never really made a fancy cake!