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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mmm Mmm Toes

Here are some recent pictures. Kason
found he can suck on his toes today.
It was really cute to see for the first
time. He really chows down on them.

Not Camera Shy

One of my favorites...wont upload flipped right side up though...

Kason loves Daddy

Getting Kisses

Mmm Yummy

Toe Slobber

Almost there...just a little further

So Handsome....

Look at that Drool!!

Love my Boy!!!

Almost 4 Months!!!

Kason will be 4 months on the 3rd. It is amazing
how quickly time passes. Kason had his 4 mos.
check-up yesterday. He is such a trooper!
Daddy came along for the appointment &
held his little boy during his shots. Kason
weighed 13.3 lbs & is 25 inches long.
Kason is 20.62%tile for weight & 86.83%tile
for length. So we have a long & lean little boy!
The pictures below are not that recent. I
took them about 3 weeks ago. He loves
his Johnny Jumper & playing in the
exercauser we borrowed from Kyla. He
also enjoys his play gym. He grabs everything
in sight and tries to eat it!! I got some rice
cereal & can't wait to see what he thinks
of it..I might throw in some baby food
peaches to make it taste extra yummy!!
I'll be sure to get some recent pictures
uploaded soon...He sure is growing fast!
He is finally out of 0-3 mos clothes
even though 3-6 is still a little big he
looks so grown up in it...
Daddy can't wait to take him hunting!
Our little moose...

So cute when he's sleeping!!

He loves his Jumper...Todd loved his when
he was a little boy...Kason must take after
his Daddy....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Month Photos by Kyla!

Auntie Kyla took Kason's 3 Month pictures on
March 11th. As always they turned out
AMAZING!! Kason will be 4 months on
April 3rd. He can already roll over
from tummy to back and back to tummy.
He also can climb over his boppy pillow &
laughs when he wants and smiles non-stop.
Our little bundle of joy is gettin big!
The last time we checked his weight he was
between 12 & 13 lbs and 24 " long. He
is very lean & handsome just like Daddy!!
For more photos click here.