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Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Weeks!!!

Auntie Kyla took Kason's pictures on 12-18.
He was 2 wks 1 day old. The pictures turned out amazing
-as always!! Our little monkey didn't want to fall asleep
though! After fighting his sleepiness he finally drifted off.
Since I haven't been very good at updating the blog I am
going to use this time wisely. At Kason's 2 wk appt on 12-17
he weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. He had Jaundice which is now cleared
up. We had to have him on a biliblanket over night and for
part of a day in his first week. He looked like a little
glow worm all lit up from the blanket! His next appt is at 4
wks. Were hoping he will pack on some more weight by
that appt. Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Eyes....

Kason's first video. He kept showing us his big eyes.

We had company over tonight. Kyla, Benji, Keaton

& Tiana brought over chinese food. Which is

my ultimate favorite! Gma Sue is

staying with us to help out with Kason! I

am so thankful for the extra help. I am still new at this!

It's amazing how much attention a little baby attracts...

I think we will keep him around for a while! One

last thing..he weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. when he was weighed this morning.

Were Home!!!

We are finally home! The two days at the hospital
felt like a week. Kason is doing great. He is such
a happy baby. We can hardly take
our eyes off him. The labor was alot easier
than I expected. Well I did get the epideral.
I guess I should say it
was shorter than I expected. We were
admitted at 12:30 & he was born at 6:37.
I tried to go to work on Wednesday but felt so bad
that I ended up calling in.
Who knew he would be born later that day.
It wouldn't have been such a smooth experience
with out the support of my family and friends. Todd
held a leg (watched the whole thing) and
talked me thru every push. I never
imagined I could love someone so much.
Kason takes my breath away. Our life
was not even close to complete before he came into our world.
Im here!!

Todd cutting the umbilicord

It made me sad to see him cry...

Grandma Sorenson

Great Gma Winton

Gpa Winton (My Dad)
Auntie Mary (My little sister)

Todd with Gpa & Gpa Z

Gma & Gpa Z

Great Gpa Z

Great Gma Z
My cousin Lara

He adores his Daddy!!

I can't keep my eyes off him!!

He is perfect....

One of his many expressions....

He is so quiet....for now...

Little feet...long & skinny

Very proud Daddy!!

He loves kissing him...

So happy!!

Going Home!!

Thank you Jill for the blanket!!

Very Comfy!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kason is HERE!!

As a proud Aunt I get the privilege of updating the blog for them tonight and making the big announcement! Kason Edwin was born this evening at 6:37. He was 7 pounds 4 oz and 20 inches long. Mommy was simply AMAZING and is doing wonderful. Both Todd and Krystal have very much fallen into their rolls as Mommy and Daddy. Kason is such a good natured little guy so far with just some squeaks and squeals when he needs something!
The proud Mommy's first looks at her precious boy.....
Who promptly broke her into motherhood by peeing all over her!

What a beautiful little boy!
The proud Daddy who couldn't wipe the smile off of his face.
Doesn't she just look wonderful!!!

We are all excited to welcome little Kason into the world. They will be in the hospital probably until Friday and then they will be coming home.