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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Birthday Pictures

I tried to upload pics on 12/4 & spent a very long
time & no luck...so I gave up until tonight...so here are
a few pics...the whole album is located on my Facebook..
if you want to see more...He had a wonderful party...
He was spoiled rotten...& loved every minute of it!!
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful lil boy!!
We love you Kason!!!

Our lil Birthday Boy....such a handsome boy!!
The banner my Aunt Marsha & I made...

We got him a Mr. Potato Head that has 3 included in it..
He loves it!!
He loves his firestation that Aunt Carrie & Uncle
Chad got him...
Just love the way his cake turned out! Tasted
pretty good too!! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Kason!!!

Kason turned 2 on Fri. Dec. 3rd. I can't believe he
is already two years old!! Where does time go?
He is such a sweet lil boy! We love him sooo much!!
He is going to be such a wonderful big brother!! He
had a fun filled Birthday Party last night! I would like
to Thank everyone that was able to make it.
My Dad, sister, & grandparents were not able to make
it due to the snow!! I will upload pics soon...I
haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.
He was spoiled present wise...And loved everyone single
one!! Especially the shot gun my Aunt Marsha &
Uncle Daryl got him!! It makes sounds & you can load it!!
My long-time friend Jen got him a keyboard
that has a stool...he loves it too!! There are too
many to list individually so pictures to come!! Again
Thank You to all my friends & family...We love you!!

Ultra Sound @ 13 wk 1 day on 12/02/10

We had our second ultrasound on 12/2. Todd was able
to go with us. He really enjoyed seeing our baby.
Kason really enjoyed the ultrasound too!!
I find it simply amazing at how developed a baby
is at 13 wks. We enjoyed watching our baby
move a lot & put its hands/fingers near or in
its mouth...it was really special...My Aunt
Marsha was able to go with us & share the
experience...I can't wait till our next ultrasound
Jan. 20th. That is when we find out if were
having a boy or girl! I have never enjoyed
Baby's cute toes

Baby's sweet face

Baby's leg

Heart rate...156-158

Another lil profile

Baby's sweet lil profile

Baby's full profile

Baby's Arm