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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Birthday Pictures

I tried to upload pics on 12/4 & spent a very long
time & no luck...so I gave up until tonight...so here are
a few pics...the whole album is located on my Facebook..
if you want to see more...He had a wonderful party...
He was spoiled rotten...& loved every minute of it!!
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful lil boy!!
We love you Kason!!!

Our lil Birthday Boy....such a handsome boy!!
The banner my Aunt Marsha & I made...

We got him a Mr. Potato Head that has 3 included in it..
He loves it!!
He loves his firestation that Aunt Carrie & Uncle
Chad got him...
Just love the way his cake turned out! Tasted
pretty good too!! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Kason!!!

Kason turned 2 on Fri. Dec. 3rd. I can't believe he
is already two years old!! Where does time go?
He is such a sweet lil boy! We love him sooo much!!
He is going to be such a wonderful big brother!! He
had a fun filled Birthday Party last night! I would like
to Thank everyone that was able to make it.
My Dad, sister, & grandparents were not able to make
it due to the snow!! I will upload pics soon...I
haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.
He was spoiled present wise...And loved everyone single
one!! Especially the shot gun my Aunt Marsha &
Uncle Daryl got him!! It makes sounds & you can load it!!
My long-time friend Jen got him a keyboard
that has a stool...he loves it too!! There are too
many to list individually so pictures to come!! Again
Thank You to all my friends & family...We love you!!

Ultra Sound @ 13 wk 1 day on 12/02/10

We had our second ultrasound on 12/2. Todd was able
to go with us. He really enjoyed seeing our baby.
Kason really enjoyed the ultrasound too!!
I find it simply amazing at how developed a baby
is at 13 wks. We enjoyed watching our baby
move a lot & put its hands/fingers near or in
its mouth...it was really special...My Aunt
Marsha was able to go with us & share the
experience...I can't wait till our next ultrasound
Jan. 20th. That is when we find out if were
having a boy or girl! I have never enjoyed
Baby's cute toes

Baby's sweet face

Baby's leg

Heart rate...156-158

Another lil profile

Baby's sweet lil profile

Baby's full profile

Baby's Arm

Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Ultrasound- 10/28/10

I am really looking forward to my Ultrasound on
Thursday...Our baby is going to look much more like a
baby than an ink blob! Can't wait to share
new baby pics soon!!

Kason....our BIG boy!!

Kyla took Kason's pics for his invite & created his invite!
Check out her photography blog for more pics of Kason here!!

Time to catch up!!

It has been a while since I updated our blog. I guess
now is as good a time as any! Kason is going to be
two on friday...wow I can't believe our little boy
is going to be TWO!! His party is on Saturday.
Were doing a Sock Monkey theme party. He is
talking up a storm, has been for a long time. I
do have a hard time understanding some things
he says. I guess that is pretty typical for his age.
His favorite movie is Everyone's Hero. Although
Kung Fu Panda comes in 2nd! He loves spending
time with his grandparents. He loves snow! He
loves anything that involves going outside!
He loves when we read him books.
He takes 3 hour long naps every day!!
He has wonderful manners & is a cuddle bug!
He still sleeps with us! I know what your
thinking...however with our split level home
it is so hard to have him sleep in his room
downstairs all alone...However now that we
are going to be adding to our family we are
going to have to figure out a solution quick!!
We are due June 13th 2011 & are sooo
excited!! We won't find out the sex of the baby
until January...but we will for sure not keep
it a secret!! I have never been good @ keeping
secrets anyways!! I am still working @ the bank.
Just reached my 5 yrs this month. Todd is
still self-employed doing Masonry. He is
also building the most amazing dog houses on
the side. Kason is going to be such a good
big brother. He will be 2 1/2 when the baby
is born. My sister-in-law Shanna is due one
day after me...and my very good friend
Carrie is due a few weeks before me. I
know at least 13 people that are due
right around the time I am....it must be
in the water!! I have two cousins & a
sister that are expecting! Children are
a blessing...& we feel very blessed!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful
Thanksgiving...we sure did! We spent
Thanksgiving at Todds parents. I have an
ultrasound on Thursday & will for sure
post pictures of our lil peanut!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our handsome TODDLER!! Yikes!!

@ the Apple Blossom Parade in Payette
"Squeeze him"

Love my boy!!!!

Scared Kason


"K loves his new playground"

& fillin rocks in his dump truck

& cleaning up!!

Drivin a Jeep with Remington

Beautiful Giraffes

Mama's & our boys!!

18 month by Kyla
18 month by Kyla

Time to catch up....

I know I have been a really bad blogger...Kason is going
to be 21 months on Sept. 3rd!! Wow has time flown by!!
My lil boy is no longer a lil boy...He is a toddler! He
talks A LOT...maybe more than most 21 month old...I am
not sure?? He loves Baseball...Let me repeat...HE LOVES
BASEBALL!!! His favorite movie is Everyone's Hero....
He runs around the house non-stop with a baseball
in both hands...He has a pretty good swing too!
He even sits through games with Daddy...& watches!!
We have had a pretty fun/busy summer. We went
to the Oregon Coast...Kason's first trip to the ocean...
we had a BLAST!! We went shopping @ an outlet mall,
to the Portland Zoo, Eugene Emeralds game (against the
Boise Hawks), Oregon Coast Aquarium, ate @ Mo's a lot,
stayed in some great hotels, my favorite was the Coho
Oceanfront Lodge in Lincoln City!! My cousin Amanda
& I got to go to the Lilith Fair @ the Gorge...
Can't even describe how much fun we both had!!
We have gone to the zoo a few times..had play dates @
cousins homes & parks...attended B~day parties...
10 yr class reunion..My G~parents celebrated 61 yrs
of marriage...My cousin Lara had a baby girl,
one of my good friends is due right after Kason (Andrea)
& another is due on my bday Oct. 1st (Jini)...
both having girls...Todd completely re-landscaped our
backyard & built a covered patio!! It is AWESOME!!!
Todd is getting ready to go Elk hunting with his brother
Tom for a week!! I hope I can remember to take the
trash out & make sure the yard & dogs don't starve!!
I also have to pick up dog poo!! yuk!!
I didn't sign up for that duty!! But it's only for a week!!
Maybe I can wean Kason from his binky while Daddy
is gone hunting...I got transferred to another branch on
April 1st...It wasn't voluntary but it has been a
good change...I still only work 20 hrs a week/3 days
a week...I wish we were closed on Sat. though!!
I got braces in Jan...not sure if I posted that before...
they are going great!! My teeth are looking amazing!!
I can't wait till they come off & I have perfect teeth!!
Keaton starts school this week...& in 2 yrs. Kason will
start pre-school too!! Hopefully we have another
lil one by then!!
Hope everyone has had an amazing summer!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My new Craigslist buy!

I am sooo ready for a nice tan!!
It has a timer built in too!
So I wont get burned to a
crisp if I fall asleep!


Well I found out at work today that I will be transferring
to another branch. Our branch is overstaffed & the
branch I am moving to is understaffed...It is not a
permanent transfer-as soon as something opens up
closer to home I will have a chance to transfer. It is
an exciting change...but with all changes there is
nervousness...I am very comfortable at the branch I
work at now...I have been there for over 3 years...in
November I will reach my 5 year mark with Chase!
Hard to believe it has almost been 5 years already! The
change is effective 04/01 so not much notice! I am a
part time employee so I will only be working 3 days
a week...my new manager told me I would only
be working a Saturday every 3 weeks so that is nice!
I am used to working 2 a month right now! The only
downfall I can think of is that it is about 5 miles past my
current location...hopefully something will open up in
Nampa or Caldwell before the end of the year! I also
realized that Kason actually has 4 teeth coming in right
now...it is sooo hard to tell how many are coming in
until they break through...no wonder he has been sooo
cranky lately...I bought a tanning bed this past
weekend! I am so excited to have one of my own! I
can't wait to show off my soon tan! I am still working
on weening Kason & getting him to sleep through the
night in his OWN bed! Wish me luck...anyone have
any advice?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kason 15 Months Cont.

Kason had his 15 Month check up yesterday. We had
to postpone it due to him getting RSV towards the
end of February. So he was actually 15 Months 2
weeks at his appointment. When his doctor asked
if he was saying more than four words he must
have understood her because he started showing
off and talking to her...it was really cute...He is very
fond of his pediatrician...He gave her hugs and kisses
when his appointment was done...It was very cute!!
Our little boy is absolutely perfect when it comes to
his %tiles....He measured in @ 33 1/4 " which is
95.78%tile for length & he was 23.6 lbs which is
36.96 %tile for weight. We already knew he have
a tall lanky lil boy...Doctor says he is growing just
fine...She also checked the knots on his neck and
says they are still okay...some kids get them others
don't...I have to admit I wish he didn't have them
because they make me nervous....Some new things:
Kason says; Love You, One, Two , Three, Basket
Ball, All Gone, All Done...He has been signing
Please, More, All Done, Hat, Eat, & is also saying
all those words too!! He can pretty much say
anything he hears...Our lil boy is really no longer
a lil boy...he is growing up so quick...Here are
some pictures Auntie Kyla took on 03/10/2010.
They turned out amazing as always!! We are
so lucky to have such a talented photographer
in the family!! Kason just adores his Auntie!!
Kason has 3 teeth coming in right now!! I
thought he had 2 coming in but I was wrong!!
Well were headed to bed....so Good Night to all!!

Lil Poser...
Love his Smile!!!

Love, Love, Love this one!!!

That smile melts me!

And this one too!!

Pointing at his nose.... :)

My favorite!!!

I love all of them...really they are just perfect!!

You wouldn't know it but it was really cold

the day Kyla took the pictures...Kason didn't

last very long & got pretty grumpy towards the

end....Wow is all I have to say in regards to how

many wonderful pictures we got!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kason 15 Months....

Took this pic with my camera phone...
Not too bad...He warms my heart!!

15 Months Today!!

I can hardly believe our lil Monkey is 15 months old
today! Wow how time has just flown by! Kason is doing
much better & is fully recovered from the RSV. Daddy
got home tonight from working in Oregon & is done
with that job. Next job is in Council. Which is much
closer than Boardman, OR!! I noticed today that Kason
has 2 more teeth coming in on the top. They already
broke skin. So pretty soon he will have 9 teeth! We
went grocery shopping tonight & Kason said HI to
pretty much everyone we passed by. One person
said he looks too young to be talking so well!! He
does talk A LOT...probably gets it from me.. :)
Right now his favorite snack is Goldfish...He just
loves them!! He literally cried when I threw the
empty box away...of course we had another
to replace it he just didn't know that!! I will
update the blog again with his %tiles after
his 15 month appt. which I believe is on 3/17!
We had to postpone the appt. a few weeks
just to make sure the RSV wouldn't cause
any complications with the immunizations..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lil Monkey is sick...

Kason came down with a fever on 2/21 . Took him
to the doctor after work on 2/22. Results came
back as RSV. We are on day 6 & I can tell he is
definitely improving! He still has a really bad cough,
but for now no fever! His fever was 104 when he
woke up on 1/24...gave me a pretty good scare!
On a better note...Kason is pretty much repeating
everything & anythings he hears these days...I can't
believe how big our lil boy is!! He will be 15 mos. in
5 short days...Daddy has been working out of town in
Eastern Oregon for just over a month now...He
comes home on the weekends...which is mostly
spent catching up on rest & then packing up to
head back....so we really can't wait for him to be
home from that job for good...He says he should
be done by middle of next week...Daddy is going
to be home tonight!! Kason kisses the phone when
he talks to daddy...It is very very cute! I love the
special bond they share!! Kyla is going to take
pictures of Kason next month so I will update
the blog with some pictures soon! I haven't been
taking as many as I used too...I need to get back at
that too! Well keep ya posted!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful hubby &
Monkey!!! Today is Kason's 2nd Valentines Day...
We had a wonderful day...Daddy took us out to
lunch @ Casa Mexico-My favorite place close to
home to eat at...Then we just relaxed at home with
Kason and enjoyed the day....Daddy has been
working out of town for the past few weeks & has a
few more weeks to go...So it is very nice to just
spend time with him while he is home...My Auntie
Marsha & Uncle Daryl are going to be here tomorrow
evening to visit for a week. My cousin Lara is
expecting her first child & finds out what she
is having on Tuesday. We are all very excited to
find out!! Kason is growing up so quickly it is hard
to keep up with all the updates!! He smiles & laughs
all the time...he is such a happy lil boy...which
in return makes us very happy parents!! Funny
how that works!! He is fixated on saying Thank you...
& is signing hat, please, all done, more, & eat on a
regular basis....He says sooo many words now it is hard
to keep track...We literally have a little jabber mouth
on our hands!! Yesterday Kyla, Shanna & myself went
shopping all day (with out the kids) it was very fun &
relaxing!! Especially the Antique World Mall....I just
love that place!! Thank you to the wonderful Daddies for
making that possible!! Oh a little update~ I am now
working ONLY 20 hours a week!! I have looked
forward to working part~time for sooo long!!
Now I can spend more time @ home with
my lil monkey!! I will try to update the blog
more often then I have been....especially now
that I am not working as much!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A very busy January!!

I apologize for taking over a month to update our Blog...

We have had a very busy January though!! Kason is a

very very big boy!!! He is walking like a pro!! He runs

if there is something important he is after..like a ball!!

He says Thank You, blows kisses, throws everything &

anything and says Uh-Oh shortly after...He also wants

to feed himself & is pretty good with a fork & spoon!!

He doesn't like juice...never has...I guess that is a good

thing-I don't have to worry about him getting too much

sugar-He just loves water, milk & nursing!! I have to

wean him soon...for him & me both!! I want independence

& he needs to fall asleep with out having to be nursed to

sleep. Any one have any suggestions that will help me

wean him?? Kason just got over being sick..We are pretty

sure it was Roseola...He ran a fever for 5 days then broke

out in a rash..His fever got up to 103.7 which scared me!

Thank goodness for Tylenol & Ibu! If it was Roseola it is

kinda weird because he had Roseola once before and it

is said that it is rare to get it more than once...but that

it can happen...so I really don't know for sure if that is

what he had...but the good news is he is 100% better!!

We were fortunate enough to go to the Fiesta Bowl in

Arizona earlier this month. We met Benji, Kyla & the kids

& Kyla's family there...We had a wonderful time...It was

a fun drive (all 16 hours/2 days of it)!!! We got to see

Hoover Dam under construction!! We also drove through

Las Vegas on the way home...nothing special if you ask me!

We stopped for lunch in Vegas & on our way out to the car

we witnessed a near shoot out between cops & some really

mean looking guys in the middle of an intersection...so we

decided we would go back inside until it was safe to leave!!

I got to go shopping @ two different outlet malls...One in

Arizona & the other in Utah...it was fun as always!! Kason

did wonderful on the trip...He was only 13 mos when we

went & he really did great!! The portable DVD player

helped a ton!! Daddy gave Kason a bath tonight & Kason

pooped in the tub...This is the first & hopefully the last time

it ever happens!! I can't wait to tell him when he is a

teenager!! Hobby Lobby opens tomorrow. Kyla & I

are going to go check it out! I am sure we will have a fun

time! I can't think of anything else to add other

than I will try to be a more avid blogger!!

A very busy January....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Were Home

We got home Thursday afternoon from Arizona.

We took 2 days to get there, stayed for two days

then two days to get home...Yea for BSU!!!

We had a wonderful time & miss the beautiful

weather!! The Fiesta Bowl was a lot of fun!

Kason did great & had a blast! Kason is a great

traveler!! When he wasn't sleeping he was

entertaining himself or watching movies...He

didn't fuss or complain about being in his

car seat for 2 full days!! He is just amazing!!

We are happy to be home!! We just bought a

Wii yesterday...it is fun! Mommy holds the

record in Baseball so far! I will update how

the Wii Fit Plus works out for me..I hope it

is as good as I hear!! My New Years

resolution is to get fit & be healthy!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful & safe

New Years!!
(I meant to post this on 1-10-10)