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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Soo BIG!!!

Well its about time we updated the Blog!
Our home is germ free & Kason is finally
eating normal again! This weekend Kason
reached a few milestones...He has officially
taken a few steps...on a couple separate
occasions! He claps non-stop! He said
Grandpa today (to his Gpa Sorenson)
...a few times...then continued to say
Pa Pa Pa...He waves and says Bye Bye!
Our little boy is just not so little anymore!
Kyla & her parents took our family pictures
today. It can be a little trying to get
5 grand kids under 3 (well Keaton just
turned 3) to all look @ the camera &
smile...But we survived & it was
a lot of fun! The photo shoot included
Gma & Gpa Sorenson (Gary & Sue),
Uncle Benji, Auntie Kyla, cousins
Keaton, Tiana, & Camden. Uncle
Tom, Auntie Shanna & cousin
Remington, & of course our family
of three! Well Halloween is this Friday
& Kason is going to be a Skunk!
So stay tuned for some pictures of
our Lil Stinker!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Under the Weather...

Our poor little monkey has the flu. This
is the first time he has gotten the flu.
We are really glad he is almost 1 & no
longer feels like a baby! It is really heart
breaking to see your child sick & there is
nothing you can do but comfort & love on
them! I thought he had thrown up a time
or two before, but now I know that was
just a lot of spit up because you know
when your child throws up! Right after
I grabbed a bowl for him he had a
blow out too! I haven't had to scrub
pj's & change one of those since before
he started eating baby food! Don't miss
it much either!! I just want my little
Monkey to start feeling better soon!!
On a better note...he is now saying Dog
& YEAH!!! He pretty much screams Yeah!
He said Dog for the first time yesterday.
My cousin Amanda's daughter Mikayla
was playing with him & she said Dog
& he repeated her...he surprised her
so much she said "Kason did you just
say Dog?" He replied with YEAH!!
It was sooo cute!! He has been saying
Yeah for a couple weeks...So all together
he says Momma, Dada, Dog, & Yeah.
We love you little Monkey....