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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look Whooooo's Turning ONE!!!

I can't believe in just 3 days our little guy
is going to be ONE! We are so Thankful
to have such a wonderful little boy! He has
grown & changed so much in the past year.
It doesn't seem like his face has changed
much though...He still looks sooo much like
his handsome Daddy! Kason's Birthday party
is going to be on Dec. 5th @ our home....
Kason was 22 lbs on Tuesday 11-23-09.
His 1 year appt. is on his B-day...12-03
I will update his %-tiles then! People
keep telling me his is tall...so I can't
wait to hear what his pediatrician has to say!
I can't wait for his Owl Party...even though
he won't remember it...I sure will!!!

Here I am!!!

About an hour....

1 Day

1 Day

2 Weeks

3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

1 Year

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kason's 11 month pictures

Auntie Kyla took Kason's 11 month pictures yesterday
@ her studio. They turned out AMAZING as always!!
Kason's Birthday Party is going to be an OWL theme...
We are planning his party on 12/5 @ 5 pm @ our nest!
We are going to serve Pizza, snacks, & of course CAKE!
I will get his invitations out soon...I am still a little
baffled that he is almost one! Where did the last year
go?? A few updates...Kason is taking a few steps a lot
more often than he has before...He said NO today...I
think he repeated it after me...I don't think it is the first
time & know it won't be the last...He loves playing with
the punch balloon Justin & Jill gave Kason @ Mavericks
B-day party...Todd said he played with it for an entire
hour today with out breaking his concentration...that is
a very big deal...considering his attention span is usually
very short...Back to Kason's pictures...you can view them
here! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Crib Rocks!!

I almost forgot to mention Kason slept in
his crib last night from 10:45 pm to 5:15 am!
It is only the second night he has slept in his
crib...so far so good! The first night he slept
from 8:30 to 1:00ish...We will see how he
does tonight.. Nite!

Lil' Stinker

Kason was a skunk for Halloween....He looked
so stinking cute!! Here are a few pictures that
I took at Benji & Kylas right before the kids
went trick-or-treating...I didn't take Kason
trick-or-treating...since he is too young to eat
candy! Next year I will take him though!
Hope you had a Wonderful Halloween!!
I didn't get a picture of Camden...because
the battery died on the camera...he was a
cute little football...Kyla got some pictures
of all the kids & will post them as soon as she
gets a chance too....
Kason was not feeling photogenic....

No more pictures Mama!

Hanging out with Keaton...

Getting some love from Tiana!

Tiana, Kason & Keaton

11 Months!!

Kason today you are 11 months old! We can
hardly believe that 11 months have passed since
the day we were blessed with you!! You are such a
BIG BOY....not to mention absolutely adorable!!
It is kinda crazy how often complete strangers
tell me how cute you are....no matter where we are..
you always seem to catch peoples attention!! We love
your smile...your laugh...how you are always happy...
we love that you are finally sleeping in your crib..
(We miss our little snuggle bug though!!!)
You have the cutest monkey walk...you love to cuddle
& we love to cuddle you too!! You are so sweet...
You love animal crackers.....you love to chase us around
the house...You love your binky...hopefully you will
wean yourself!! :) You love to clap & high five....
You basically love everything well except carrots and
green beans....and prunes...
We love you soooo much!!
Mama & Dada