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Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Ultrasound- 10/28/10

I am really looking forward to my Ultrasound on
Thursday...Our baby is going to look much more like a
baby than an ink blob! Can't wait to share
new baby pics soon!!

Kason....our BIG boy!!

Kyla took Kason's pics for his invite & created his invite!
Check out her photography blog for more pics of Kason here!!

Time to catch up!!

It has been a while since I updated our blog. I guess
now is as good a time as any! Kason is going to be
two on friday...wow I can't believe our little boy
is going to be TWO!! His party is on Saturday.
Were doing a Sock Monkey theme party. He is
talking up a storm, has been for a long time. I
do have a hard time understanding some things
he says. I guess that is pretty typical for his age.
His favorite movie is Everyone's Hero. Although
Kung Fu Panda comes in 2nd! He loves spending
time with his grandparents. He loves snow! He
loves anything that involves going outside!
He loves when we read him books.
He takes 3 hour long naps every day!!
He has wonderful manners & is a cuddle bug!
He still sleeps with us! I know what your
thinking...however with our split level home
it is so hard to have him sleep in his room
downstairs all alone...However now that we
are going to be adding to our family we are
going to have to figure out a solution quick!!
We are due June 13th 2011 & are sooo
excited!! We won't find out the sex of the baby
until January...but we will for sure not keep
it a secret!! I have never been good @ keeping
secrets anyways!! I am still working @ the bank.
Just reached my 5 yrs this month. Todd is
still self-employed doing Masonry. He is
also building the most amazing dog houses on
the side. Kason is going to be such a good
big brother. He will be 2 1/2 when the baby
is born. My sister-in-law Shanna is due one
day after me...and my very good friend
Carrie is due a few weeks before me. I
know at least 13 people that are due
right around the time I am....it must be
in the water!! I have two cousins & a
sister that are expecting! Children are
a blessing...& we feel very blessed!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful
Thanksgiving...we sure did! We spent
Thanksgiving at Todds parents. I have an
ultrasound on Thursday & will for sure
post pictures of our lil peanut!!