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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays...

Okay so I am really behind in the blogging world!
I don't really remember where I left off so here is
what is new in our world. Kason is practically
running! He babbles a lot! He has quite a vocabulary
too! He says Stinky, Dog, Ball, Mom, Mama, Dada,
Dad, Grandpa, Ma, Yea, Vroom, Hi, Bye Bye, waves,
signs all done, signs please, & probably more
things I can't think of right now! It is amazing how
quickly they grow & learn! He has been doing this
silly thing with his hand in front of his mouth &
makes an Indian wawawawawa sound...It is very
cute!! He is always smiling & happy as can be!
Which means our next baby will probably not be as
happy go lucky as him! We couldn't be that lucky
could we?? I think Kason needs a little brother or
sister....either will do just fine...I will keep you
posted on our luck!! Happy Holidays from our family
to yours!! We are headed to Arizona for the
Fiesta Bowl on 1/2/10 & cant wait!!!
I will be sure to add pictures after we return home!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kason's Owl Birthday Party!!

Well here are some pictures from Kason's
Birthday Party. The party was a blast! He
had a lot of fun playing with all the kids!
He got a little bit more into the smash cake
but still is not a fan of cake! He started
opening his presents on his own. So we
decided to let him go on ahead and open
them...it was cute!! He loved his presents!
He learned the word Balloon...he says it very
cute! It sounds kinda like Bawoon...He
also is saying Ball a lot...He loves Balls!! He has
really caught on to walking...& is not crawling
much at all anymore...I have always been
so excited for every milestone..but now I am
ready for you to slow down so Mama & Dada
can just enjoy you!! We love you soooo much!
Thank you everyone for coming...Thank you
for the wonderful gifts...We love you!
Tasted yummy!!

Mom & I made the chocolate leaves....it
was a lot of fun!!!

Kasons cake

Owl Pizza

I love the Owl Ribbon....

Love Love Love the cake!!
You can go here to find out
more about Rebecca's Cakes & Catering!
She did a great job!

Oops I started with out you!

Mikayla offering some help to the greenhorn!

He didnt sit still for long....

Right before he tried to grab the candle....
Mama was quicker!

He liked diggin in with the spoon...
He didn't like touching it with his
fingers...maybe he doesn't like to get dirty...
If that is the case he won't be a Mason...
Daddy's line of work is very dirty!

Thank You!! We didn't open all the gifts
because we are saving them to open in
front of Daddy when he gets home!
The Owl Banner Mom & I made...

Right before bed....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Kason!!

Today you are ONE!! I can't believe that an entire
year has passed since you were born. We went to
the doctor for your 1 year check up today and found
out that you don't weigh 22 lbs. When we took you
to the doctor on 11-23-09
(because you were sick with a bug of some sort)
they weighed you with your clothes on & standing
up like a big boy- that must have been the reason
it was off....you actually weigh in at 20.5 lbs which
is 17.29 %tile, you measure 30.5 inches long which is
74.3 %tile & your head circumference is 18.75 in.
which is 83.91 %tile...so basically you are long,
lean, & very very smart!! Your Daddy & I love
you VERY VERY much!!! Speaking of your Daddy,
he is out of town working in Utah & misses you
terribly...he wishes he could be home with you
on your very first Birthday...When Daddy called
to talk to you tonight you were so excited to
hear his voice...you love him sooo much!!
When Daddy gets home next week he is
going to do something extra special for you
to make up for missing your Birthday & Party!
I can't wait to see what he has planned!
You are in bed sleeping right now...which is
a good thing because it is almost midnight..
Grandma is going to be here early in the
morning to help us get ready for your party!
She is even going to stay the night with us!
Well its late & this Mama is tired so Good night!