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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kason's new furniture & Stella's crib bedding....

He LOVES his new bed!!
His new Dresser...
The Crib bedding Ashley is making mine look like!!

I LOVE the prints, colors, & different fabric textures!!!

I hope Stella does too!!

Catchin up....Whew this is goin to be long!!!

Well things have been a little busy around our house..... Were eliminating our computer room...moving it to a somewhat large storage closet/room under our stairs & turning the computer room into Kason's new room!! Why are we doing this?? Oh yea because we are also changing Kason's "nursery" into Stella's new room!! Out with the tan & green walls!! They are going to be light pink!! We picked up a nice log bed & pine dresser off Craigslist for Kason...We already have all of Kasons room decor & bedding...we just need to get to work & get it all finished up before Stella arrives!! I don't know that Stella's room will be done by then but we will sure try to have it ready...It's not like she is going to be sleeping in there right away...it could be years!! j/k hehe Were going with a Black & White Damask with light pink accent for Stella's room...It is going to look amazing with all the Black nursery furniture!!! Eventually I want to find a beautiful black chandelier to put in her room in place of the existing light fixture!! :) Nothing fancy just a small elegant one!! My friend Ashley is making a custom crib bedding set for Stella...I can't wait till until it is all together & done!! At my last OB Appt. (31 wks) I had only gained 1 lb! That was a relief b/c at my previous one (27 wks) I had gained 9 lbs!!! Well come to find out that my iron came back super low!! Makes sense now because I was drinking caffeinated soda like a fish because I was exhausted 24/7!! Well in return it was all empty calories that didn't look so great on the scale!!! I have changed my beverage choice to water & I was prescribed iron pills!! :) Stella's heart rate is always right around 158..I will be 32 wks on Wed..(3 days) & according to www.babycenter.com Stella will be right around 3.75 lbs & 16.7 inches long!! I am finally to the point where Stella will be gaining approx. 1/2 a lb a week until she is born!! It is a little nerve racking knowing that she is going to be here in about 7 wks & we have a lot to do!! My Baby Shower is May 7th @ my Aunt Marsha's house here in Middleton...I can't wait to get to that point... because then its down to only 4 wks!! Kason is very excited to be a big brother...although I don't think he understands everything that is happening I know he understands some...he kisses my belly & says he loves his little sister...I don't know that he will feel that some way in the first couple weeks after she is born!! It is going to be quite an adjustment for our lil boy!! He is used to always having our full attention...but I know he will adjust & be a wonderful helpful big brother!! He is already the most amazing little boy!! The other night after we watched Monsters Inc. (which Kason loved!!!) Todd got up to brush his teeth & get ready for bed...etc. I was already half asleep & tired lil Kason tried to follow Daddy off the bed...he fell off hit his head on the sharp corner of our nightstand & ended up with his first real scare Mommy & Daddy injury!! Thank goodness the corner missed his eye!! He hit right to the right of it & it bled for what seemed like forever!! He looks much better now...We got the bleeding under control & put a butterfly stich on him.. He was a real big boy the whole time...didn't even try to remove his bandage!! He does really like kisses though...so for a couple of days he would ask for kisses on his Owie!! We ordered Kason a Powerwheel Jeep recently & it should be here any day...he is really excited to drive his Jeep! We are really excited for warm weather so we can enjoy our beautiful backyard that Todd worked really hard on last summer. Well that is it for now...I am out of updates! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!