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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camden Dale Sorenson

My newest nephew Camden Dale Sorenson
was born yesterday 07/22/2009 @ 9:52 pm
He was 6lbs 12oz & 20 1/2 inches = Perfect!
I am headed to the hospital here shortly
so I will post some more pictures as soon
as I can.. I have yet to meet my little
nephew & we are sooo excited to go see him!
Good job Mom & Dad he is gorgeous!
The picture below was texted to me
last night shortly after he was born..

Monday, July 20, 2009

All in a Day's Work!!

Todd & I decided to spruce up our landscaping
in the front yard today. So out with the old &
in with the new! It literally took us all day but
was very worth it. It sure feels good to sit on
our front porch now! Of course Kason helped
too! Thank you Kyla for helping me decide
what to plant & where do get it...Greenhurst
Nursery was awesome & had what Home Depot
didn't! We may find we need to add more later on
but that can wait were tired & ready for bed!!

The best before picture I could find...since I forgot to take one...

Just love it!!

Kason helping...

My two favorite boys!!

So pretty....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A little behind in bloggin

Keaton luvin on Kason

Kason luvin on Tiana

Kason is not sure of concrete

Kason with Daddy

Meridian Movie Nite

Kason relaxing....

Daddy & Kason

Best picture of the 3 of us.....

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Look at me GO!

Kason has mastered crawling & moved on to

pulling himself up on EVERYTHING in sight!

Mommy wouldn't mind if you slowed down

just a little so I can catch up though!!

Kason we love you sooo much! You

are the happiest baby which in return

makes us the Happiest Parents!! I love

waking up next to you...even though you

have a lovely crib & nursery!! I love that

you smile first thing in the morning even

before you realize your awake....In 5

short months we will celebrate your ONE

year birthday which means Mommy

better start planning your Big Bash!!

We love you little Monkey!! Tomorrow

were going to spend some quality time

together...just the 3 of us!! Our

little wonderful familia!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the Go....

Kason perfected his crawl tonight at Benji &

Kyla's & I was able to catch it on my cell phone

video camera. The quality may not be that good

but he is crawling good! Kason will be 7 mos tomorrow

so my guess is we may have an early walker too!

Our trip to Montana

We are home...and I mean really home...We got back
Tuesday but stayed at Mom & Dad's for a couple
days and now were finally home!! So the pictures are
backwards something I am always great at doing!
We had a wonderful trip...We drove up to Kalispell
on Friday the 26th & went to Glacier National Park
on Saturday the 27th..Sunday & Monday we
pretty much just lounged and went to Lone Pine
Trail...we all got a cold and felt pretty icky...Monday
we headed to Cour'de Lane & stayed the night..Tuesday
we drove home...Kason did wonderful the whole time!
We went to the restaurant Cedars in Cour'de Lane which
is located on the lake...the restaurant actually floats on
the lake..we had such a great trip!
The Hampton Inn we stayed @ in Cour'de Lane right off the River

The River in Cour'de Lane taken while in the car...

Another picture of the Hampton...We didn't go camping this time!

My Boys!!

I love him!!!
My cousin Ron with Kason...Ron lives in Post Falls
& met us @ our Hotel in Cour'de Lane.

We stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn in Kalispell

White tail

Same White Tail
Big Smiles....

Kason is always so happy....

Part of Kalispell from up top...

We could see our Hotel from the trail....

Cutie Pie...

On a hiking trail @ Lone Pine State Park in Kalispell

Kason likes to chew on the straps a lot!!

My little Monkey!!!

Had fun swimming with Daddy....
Kason loved the pool....

The lake was very pretty....
There were hundreds of waterfalls.....
ok not hundreds....but a lot!!
We drove under that run off....

They were fun to watch...

Going To The Sun Rd.

Very Pretty....
A couple Big Horn Sheep in the parking lot....

Mommy's Boy!!

Daddy's Boy too!!

Loves Daddy.....

Burr mommy its cold...
All bundled up....

People were hiking up there with ski's and snowboards....

You can see the road....it was very narrow & scary....

I tried not to look down while on the passanger side/cliff side!
There was waterfalls everywhere from the run off....
Todd was afraid the Masonry was a little old to drive over!!

Just beautiful....

That is a river all the way down at the bottom....

Another waterfall....

The weather was perfect....

It was so beautiful and relaxing...well minus Todds driving!