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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Splish Splash, I Was takin' a bath (PART II)

Here are just a few pictures from the bath...
Kason is just so darn cute while in the bath...
I am glad that he enjoys taking baths..I know
some babies don't particularly enjoy water...
But our little guy loves it...I can't hardly wait
to take him swimming this summer & enjoy
the nice warm weather to come...

Splish Splash, I Was takin' a bath

Kason discovered that he can splash the water
while in the bath. It was soo cute I had to run
& grab the camera...Now bath time won't
be so boring for the little guy..Hopefully he
will start to play with all the cute bath toys
he has soon...I know it will probably be
another month or so...but I still can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Were Home!!

We got home late last night from a wonderful weekend in
Portland. We stayed with Ben & Mindy in thier beautiful
home. We had lots of fun visiting with family and shopping
in the BIG CITY. My mom & little sister met us at
Woodburn Company Stores on Saturday & got to see
Kason for the first time. I got to go to IKEA for the first
time...That was lots of fun too! Ben & Mindy stuffed us with
wonderful meals...just out of the oven cookies...and great
hospitality..We are happy to be home..We both missed
Daddy very much...Here are some pictures from our trip...
Daddy gave Kason a bath the night before we left

sleepy & we haven't even left yet

Giving Auntie Kyla smiles

Being cute in his carseat

Talking to me
Mom, Me & Kason

Mom, Nikki & Kason

Our little cutie!

Kason & Gma Tina

Our little traveler

Talkative during diaper change

Ben, Mindy & Kason


A little something we got for Ben & Mindy

Kason sleeping at the breakfast table

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smiles & Cute Faces....

Just a few pictures I took along with the video....

Raspberries & Cooing......

I finally caught him on video. Every time he starts
I run & grab the camera & he stops. He is so full
of smiles lately...I love that he is cooing & copying
our facial expressions & sounds. He has such a cute
little personality already! He also holds his head up
all on his own...no more bobble head! Before we
know it he will be shooting a bow with Dad & Gpa's!
Kyla, Shana, Kason & I are headed to Portland
for the weekend. I will be sure to update our blog
with some pictures when we get back!!

Family Get together...

My Aunt Marsha & Uncle Daryl from California came to
visit last weekend. They are eventually moving to
Middleton. They bought their dream home in 07'.
It is a very spacious home that used to be a
Bed & Breakfast. We enjoyed spending time
with family all weekend. It was the first time they got
to meet Baby Kason. My Aunt Sandy, cousin Kelsey,
cousin Garrett, cousin Amanda, her daughter Mikayla,
her wonderful boyfriend Marc, gpa Harold, cousin Lara,
cousin Shondra & a bunch of dogs...like 5 total were all there
too!! So we basically had a full house!! I still need to teach
them how to play Rook...which is my absolute favorite
card game in the whole wide world!!

Sleeping on Aunt Sandy
Sleeping on Aunt Marsha


Playing with Amanda

Mikayla being cute....

Great Gpa Harold

Sleeping on Kelsey

Sleeping on Aunt Sandy again!!

Amanda & Marc

Sleeping on Aunt Marsha again!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too Cute for Words!!!

Our little boy is just TOO CUTE!! He melts my heart
every time I look at him. So basically I have a permanent
melted heart! I think its normal for your eyes to tear up
when admiring your child too..cuz mine do A LOT!!
Kason has starting copying facial expressions...Last
night Daddy was blowing raspberries and Kason
returned the raspberry kisses to Daddy..multiple
times!! I had to give it a whirl and my little boy
returned them to me too! I love watching him grow
and learn new things everyday. I feel so blessed
to have such an amazing family!

Playing with my cousin Amanda
Giving Amanda cute faces

Spending time with Grandma Sue

Enjoying the Boppy

See too cute for words!!