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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A very busy January!!

I apologize for taking over a month to update our Blog...

We have had a very busy January though!! Kason is a

very very big boy!!! He is walking like a pro!! He runs

if there is something important he is after..like a ball!!

He says Thank You, blows kisses, throws everything &

anything and says Uh-Oh shortly after...He also wants

to feed himself & is pretty good with a fork & spoon!!

He doesn't like juice...never has...I guess that is a good

thing-I don't have to worry about him getting too much

sugar-He just loves water, milk & nursing!! I have to

wean him soon...for him & me both!! I want independence

& he needs to fall asleep with out having to be nursed to

sleep. Any one have any suggestions that will help me

wean him?? Kason just got over being sick..We are pretty

sure it was Roseola...He ran a fever for 5 days then broke

out in a rash..His fever got up to 103.7 which scared me!

Thank goodness for Tylenol & Ibu! If it was Roseola it is

kinda weird because he had Roseola once before and it

is said that it is rare to get it more than once...but that

it can happen...so I really don't know for sure if that is

what he had...but the good news is he is 100% better!!

We were fortunate enough to go to the Fiesta Bowl in

Arizona earlier this month. We met Benji, Kyla & the kids

& Kyla's family there...We had a wonderful time...It was

a fun drive (all 16 hours/2 days of it)!!! We got to see

Hoover Dam under construction!! We also drove through

Las Vegas on the way home...nothing special if you ask me!

We stopped for lunch in Vegas & on our way out to the car

we witnessed a near shoot out between cops & some really

mean looking guys in the middle of an intersection...so we

decided we would go back inside until it was safe to leave!!

I got to go shopping @ two different outlet malls...One in

Arizona & the other in Utah...it was fun as always!! Kason

did wonderful on the trip...He was only 13 mos when we

went & he really did great!! The portable DVD player

helped a ton!! Daddy gave Kason a bath tonight & Kason

pooped in the tub...This is the first & hopefully the last time

it ever happens!! I can't wait to tell him when he is a

teenager!! Hobby Lobby opens tomorrow. Kyla & I

are going to go check it out! I am sure we will have a fun

time! I can't think of anything else to add other

than I will try to be a more avid blogger!!

A very busy January....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Were Home

We got home Thursday afternoon from Arizona.

We took 2 days to get there, stayed for two days

then two days to get home...Yea for BSU!!!

We had a wonderful time & miss the beautiful

weather!! The Fiesta Bowl was a lot of fun!

Kason did great & had a blast! Kason is a great

traveler!! When he wasn't sleeping he was

entertaining himself or watching movies...He

didn't fuss or complain about being in his

car seat for 2 full days!! He is just amazing!!

We are happy to be home!! We just bought a

Wii yesterday...it is fun! Mommy holds the

record in Baseball so far! I will update how

the Wii Fit Plus works out for me..I hope it

is as good as I hear!! My New Years

resolution is to get fit & be healthy!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful & safe

New Years!!
(I meant to post this on 1-10-10)