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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lil Monkey is sick...

Kason came down with a fever on 2/21 . Took him
to the doctor after work on 2/22. Results came
back as RSV. We are on day 6 & I can tell he is
definitely improving! He still has a really bad cough,
but for now no fever! His fever was 104 when he
woke up on 1/24...gave me a pretty good scare!
On a better note...Kason is pretty much repeating
everything & anythings he hears these days...I can't
believe how big our lil boy is!! He will be 15 mos. in
5 short days...Daddy has been working out of town in
Eastern Oregon for just over a month now...He
comes home on the weekends...which is mostly
spent catching up on rest & then packing up to
head back....so we really can't wait for him to be
home from that job for good...He says he should
be done by middle of next week...Daddy is going
to be home tonight!! Kason kisses the phone when
he talks to daddy...It is very very cute! I love the
special bond they share!! Kyla is going to take
pictures of Kason next month so I will update
the blog with some pictures soon! I haven't been
taking as many as I used too...I need to get back at
that too! Well keep ya posted!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful hubby &
Monkey!!! Today is Kason's 2nd Valentines Day...
We had a wonderful day...Daddy took us out to
lunch @ Casa Mexico-My favorite place close to
home to eat at...Then we just relaxed at home with
Kason and enjoyed the day....Daddy has been
working out of town for the past few weeks & has a
few more weeks to go...So it is very nice to just
spend time with him while he is home...My Auntie
Marsha & Uncle Daryl are going to be here tomorrow
evening to visit for a week. My cousin Lara is
expecting her first child & finds out what she
is having on Tuesday. We are all very excited to
find out!! Kason is growing up so quickly it is hard
to keep up with all the updates!! He smiles & laughs
all the time...he is such a happy lil boy...which
in return makes us very happy parents!! Funny
how that works!! He is fixated on saying Thank you...
& is signing hat, please, all done, more, & eat on a
regular basis....He says sooo many words now it is hard
to keep track...We literally have a little jabber mouth
on our hands!! Yesterday Kyla, Shanna & myself went
shopping all day (with out the kids) it was very fun &
relaxing!! Especially the Antique World Mall....I just
love that place!! Thank you to the wonderful Daddies for
making that possible!! Oh a little update~ I am now
working ONLY 20 hours a week!! I have looked
forward to working part~time for sooo long!!
Now I can spend more time @ home with
my lil monkey!! I will try to update the blog
more often then I have been....especially now
that I am not working as much!!