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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home at Last!

We got home today from Texas..Kason did awesome
there and back! If only Mommy had a few extra
hands for the carry-on, stroller, diaper bag &
Kason...haha next time Daddy is coming with us!
We had fun..spent much needed time with Gpa &
Gma Lavy (my grandparents) & now we are home
enjoying time with Daddy! Kason missed his Daddy
so much...as we were landing in Boise Kason started
saying Dadda Dadda...he couldn't wait to be swept up
and loved on by his Dad! I will upload some pictures
once we get settled in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a Climber!

Yesterday when I got home from work Daddy
told me that under very close supervision he
let Kason climb all the way up our Stairs!!
Wow I was surprised! Not that I didn't think
he could do it...more that I was hoping it
would be a little while before he was curious
about climbing them...We are going to go get
another child gate to go at the bottom of the
stairs...that way our little monkey won't have
any near future spills down! Kason you are
growing so quickly...We love you our little

Monday, August 17, 2009

And yet another tooth!

Daddy noticed today that Kason has 5 teeth!
Yep its official...he has another tooth on the
top right...Our little boy is just not so little
anymore! Also he stood up for about 3-4
seconds in the middle of the room all by
himself today! Before we know it he will
be running! We love you little Monkey!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roseola photos...

Here are just a few pictures I took of Kason
when he had Roseola...Were glad it only
lasted about a week total...& he can only
get it once....I am not one for high fevers & I
am also a worry wart! We just love our little
boy & want to keep him happy & healthy!!

He was still a happy little boy!

Time to Update!!

Okay so its been a while I know...I am a horrible blogger!
Kason has 4 teeth now..2 on top & 2 on bottom...he says
Dada Dada all the time..seriously...he only says Momma
when he wants to which is not very often probably
because I am constantly urging him too! He pulls himself
up onto everything...he has stood by himself a few times
for about 2 seconds or so...he is really wanting to walk..he
practically has a permanent bruise on his forehead from
running into everything and falling on his face...even
though I try to be there to catch him, I do not always
make it in time...He had Roseola right around the same
time Camden was born...to be exact it got really bad
the Friday after Camden was born...I had to work
Saturday morning and Kason had been running a fever
for a few days (started Thursday) I thought it was from
teething but then Friday night he threw up all over me
around 3 am or so...Mom was @ Benji & Kyla's helping
with the new arrival...I called her frantic because his
temperature was 103.5...I also called the doctor on call
which said he was okay it was probably a viral infection
and to use Tylenol or Motrin to keep the fever under
control...well Mom came over soon after I called her &
took care of Kason so I could sleep a little before having
to go to work...Mom is a life saver! An angel to be exact!
Within a few days his fever broke...then he got a rash all
over his body...started on his head & worked it's way
down his body...I looked up the symptoms online &
realized it was Roseola...I called the doctor again to find
out that it was going around and there was nothing that
could be done...With in a few more days he was as good as
new & Ornery as ever!!! We have a perfect little healthy
8 month old...Kason & Mommy are headed to Texas on
Friday to visit my grandparents that I haven't seen in
about 17 years....or so...give or take a few years....We
will be back the 27th...with lots of pictures and updates!