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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our handsome TODDLER!! Yikes!!

@ the Apple Blossom Parade in Payette
"Squeeze him"

Love my boy!!!!

Scared Kason


"K loves his new playground"

& fillin rocks in his dump truck

& cleaning up!!

Drivin a Jeep with Remington

Beautiful Giraffes

Mama's & our boys!!

18 month by Kyla
18 month by Kyla

Time to catch up....

I know I have been a really bad blogger...Kason is going
to be 21 months on Sept. 3rd!! Wow has time flown by!!
My lil boy is no longer a lil boy...He is a toddler! He
talks A LOT...maybe more than most 21 month old...I am
not sure?? He loves Baseball...Let me repeat...HE LOVES
BASEBALL!!! His favorite movie is Everyone's Hero....
He runs around the house non-stop with a baseball
in both hands...He has a pretty good swing too!
He even sits through games with Daddy...& watches!!
We have had a pretty fun/busy summer. We went
to the Oregon Coast...Kason's first trip to the ocean...
we had a BLAST!! We went shopping @ an outlet mall,
to the Portland Zoo, Eugene Emeralds game (against the
Boise Hawks), Oregon Coast Aquarium, ate @ Mo's a lot,
stayed in some great hotels, my favorite was the Coho
Oceanfront Lodge in Lincoln City!! My cousin Amanda
& I got to go to the Lilith Fair @ the Gorge...
Can't even describe how much fun we both had!!
We have gone to the zoo a few times..had play dates @
cousins homes & parks...attended B~day parties...
10 yr class reunion..My G~parents celebrated 61 yrs
of marriage...My cousin Lara had a baby girl,
one of my good friends is due right after Kason (Andrea)
& another is due on my bday Oct. 1st (Jini)...
both having girls...Todd completely re-landscaped our
backyard & built a covered patio!! It is AWESOME!!!
Todd is getting ready to go Elk hunting with his brother
Tom for a week!! I hope I can remember to take the
trash out & make sure the yard & dogs don't starve!!
I also have to pick up dog poo!! yuk!!
I didn't sign up for that duty!! But it's only for a week!!
Maybe I can wean Kason from his binky while Daddy
is gone hunting...I got transferred to another branch on
April 1st...It wasn't voluntary but it has been a
good change...I still only work 20 hrs a week/3 days
a week...I wish we were closed on Sat. though!!
I got braces in Jan...not sure if I posted that before...
they are going great!! My teeth are looking amazing!!
I can't wait till they come off & I have perfect teeth!!
Keaton starts school this week...& in 2 yrs. Kason will
start pre-school too!! Hopefully we have another
lil one by then!!
Hope everyone has had an amazing summer!!